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High quality giclee prints.
These are printed on demand. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery, unless I have it in stock in my studio, in which case ,you'll receive it alot faster.
Unencumbered by Critical Thought
Please Wash Your Hands
Reading Makes You Less Stupid
Floss Each Day
Happy Teeth Make a Happy Smile
Don't Be a Stranger to Your Dental Floss
Floss the Ones You Want to Keep
Subversive In His Own Little Way
Have a Cup o' Joe
Strong Coffee Shall Inherit the Earth
Lay Off the Fries
Tidy Whitey King
Please Turn Off Your G.D. Cellphone
Card Sharks
Shark Bite Cafe
Stay Enlightened
Cool Your Jets!
Don't Get Me Started!
Let's Play!
Billable Hours Be Damned
Pregame Cones Are Bad Luck
Take A Little Walk With Me
Dare To Be Playful
Boy Wonder
Let's Dig a Hole!
Bad Posture Boogaloo
Into the Wild Blue Yonder
Shake a Leg
Robo Loco
Betwixt and Between
Save Your Money
I Bark, Therefore I Am
Bad at Math Man
Too Many Brains for Just One Hat
Math Makes My Head Explode
Dreaming of Opposable Thumbs
Better Than a Glazed Donut
Today I'm Going To Get Myself a Squirrel
If I Had Opposable thumbs, I'd Be Flossing Everyday
Stay Curious
I Know You Have Issues, But I Still Love You
Java Jive
Knuckle Down
Turn All Your Crap Off Once In A While
Persistence Creates Luck
There's No Time Like the Present
Hal Mayforth

Hal Mayforth Prints
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