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Ross MacDonald
about me.
don't try this when the press is on...
I've worked for years as a book and magazine illustrator, but I started off as a printer.

In 1993, I began to yearn for the smell of printers ink again, so I started Brightwork Press. Over the years I've collected a large pile of old equipment, including 3 presses, several tons of metal hand type, hundreds of fonts of 19th century wood type, and assorted whatnot.

Brightwork exists mainly to hand set and hand print limited editions of my own broadsides and posters, but I also use the type in my illustrations occasionally, and for designing book covers and other display typography.

It also plays a big part in my other pursuit - movie prop design. I've worked on Seabuscuit, National Treasure 2, Van Helsing, The Legend of Zorro, and other movies, consulting on and creating period documents of all kinds. Books, maps, letters, newspapers, tickets, handbills, posters, and all kinds of related stuff - sometimes hundreds of things for a single movie.
Ross MacDonald